Scam report about Ekaterina 

First name:  Ekaterina
Aka:  supersexbomb
Age:  20
Location:  Odessa Ukraine
On websites:
Report:  I came to Odessa ukraine to meet with the lady and when we had our meeting instead of going to where I want to go to a nice little cafe she and her translator took me to some mall about a 20 minute ride from where we were. once there they took me to some eatery they ordered the most expensive thing on the menu and then the translator did not even eat her meal then when the bill came it was double what a normal meal should be especially in a mall, and then after that they lead me around the mall and wanted me to by both of them things i was there for one lady not to buy things for 2. and then they kept going back to where we ate then i realized they were getting a payoff for the meal I bought, also when i wanted to sit and chat the translator say no we want to shop so i ended up paying for 5 hours of translator service for only about 1 an half hour of her service, then the taxi driver also got a fee for driving us after i got home i found out it was too much also, then i was told my date need 400UAH to take a taxi home when after i found out online at the most should of been no more than 40 uah depending where she lived. so in total i sent $500 and a date that should of only been $75-$100 at best

Status of report:  is still without proof

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