Scam report about Lina Johnson

First name:  Lina
Last name:  Johnson
Aka:  Lina
Age:  30
Location:  Currently living in bagram airbase,350 5th st New York ,ny
Address:  N/A
Phone:  Unknown
On websites:  Brazil Cupid ,
Report:  Well I registered on brazil Cupid ..after 5 days she approach me and give her email and she advise me to message her on the it was April 19,2014 when we began to communicate each other ..she said that she's too busy in her training and duties..after 3 days she fell in love with me..then April 29,she message me she said that they have some money share on their encounter between the talibans and the ammunition and some money surrendered to the government but their commander advise them to have a share from themselves and she got a share of 1.5million US dollars ..and she placed it in a luggage and she deliver it to the nurse whom give them a treatment and deposited it a security company named located at london uk.then I'd contact the security company last may 1,2014 at 4am .then the company told me to pay a 1,700dollar so that they can deliver the money to me within 72hrs ..and then they advise me to deposit the money to mo eygram so that they can deliver the luggage content of 1.5million US dollars .then I told on lina Johnson about the company was said to me and she ask me to pay the delivery fee so that they can deliver the luggage with 1.5 million dollar inside of it and she will resign immediately in the army and went here in Philippines ..and as of now she's waiting for that bullshit money .

Status of report:  is still without proof

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