Scam report about Natalya Kryukova

First name:  Natalya
Last name:  Kryukova
Age:  36
Location:  Russia, Vyksa
Address:  607061, Russia, Vyksa, street Pushkina, house#16, apt#21
Phone:  930-818-76-81
On websites:  Meetic/Badoo...
Report:  I met her through Meetic dating site. I contacted her first, then she suggested we switch to personal mail corespondance. We exchanged mails for about a month and a half, started march 11th 'till april the 29th. She implied falling in Love after 3rd mail exchange. Divorced from a man who was cheating & beating her, she describes the male Russian as being unreliable, not romantic and only interested in having fun. Very much unlike her who still believes in the prince charming on his white horse. Said she was sufferig a great deal from her loneliness, and always heard men outside Russia were good looking, romantic and trustworthy. She very quickely saw in me the prototype of the man she has longed for to create a familly unit. All along the communication was uneasy due to her lack of international cell phone (as well as home phone) and personal computer, saying she had only acces to her work computer. Strangely enough I was receiving mails at 8H30 PM which made it 3 hours ahead for her = 11H30 PM. It appeared she was not reading my letters entirely, not answering all my questions nor suggestions. Once she started a mail using another guy's name (Pascal). She didn't even bothered to explain herself, after my bewildered respond, in her following mail. She initiated we had to meet as quick as possible, in France obviously since her intentions wer to move out from Russia. After having paid for the papers (passeport, visa, medicals,...) said she had no money left and made it sound like it was my responsability to come with the rest for her plane tickets. I refused at first, but ended-up sending her 380? through Western Union, to her name: Natalya Kryukova (I kept the receipts). Then she needed cash to be able to go through customs. She first asked for 2700? (=30?/day of visa duration) lowering to 900? (one month visa). She gained my confidence by sending me a picture with my name & a pierced heart written on it, plus her passeport, visa & plane tickets => I sent her 900? through Western Union, again to her name. Then she pretended being held at the airport, the custom agents claiming she does not carry enough money. Succedently for four days she will email me describing her distressfull situation at the airport, begging for my sending of the 1800? missing, blaming me for abandoning her. She'll be cocky enough after going back home as she'll put it, to send a break-up email, describing in full detail, with tears in her eyes, the impossibility of us to be together...partially due to a lack of money :)

Status of report:  is still without proof

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