Scam report about sweetie 

First name:  sweetie
Aka:  Ophelia Asare,Monica Opokua,Clara Alice, Josie M, Romace, georgina asamoah, Eliszbet M,Isaho Rahman
Age:  29 anos 18-11-1975
Location:  GHANA, KUMASI
Address:  Dichemsao-OLT TOW
Phone:  233267897920
On websites:  Skype, Facebook, Yahoo, HI5
Report:  The contact was initiated by her hi5, but believe that the first name was Josie M of New York, email. In August of 2013. Since then, I've been chatting with her, but I was changing the name, but I turned to locate. Initially, though sometimes not quite understand what he said, I attributed it to the translator. I do not remember too well what the principle. I also contacted me with another nombre.Gerogina Tawiah (mesenguer of yahoo) What I remember most was when he contacted me with the name of Ophelia Asare on 12/01/2014. Here was where he began to borrow money, and that's where I fell. If to eat, that to pay rent if not took to the streets, he had an accident and needed for medicine. It correspodia with the photos he had sent me, since I saw her for the cam. I have enough pictures of her. Since I mentioned some of the different names, but attributed it to someone was using his name and photos. Continue asking me money and saying he is madly in love with me, but with other names used skype. He does not talk much to me since I told him that I look for food in the garbage and I can not help. However, it keeps telling me that knows that things will improve and help. Now use the names, first flower and sweet sweetie on skype. I think the first thing I sent you, were 100 ?. I think I sent between different times, will rise about 600 OO ? 700. The fact that the photographs had sent me with different names, identified. The Ophelia Asare received. The end of history will be when to communicate is a professional con artist

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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