Scam report about Novelyn Paraico

First name:  Novelyn
Last name:  Paraico
Aka:  Novie Perry
Age:  24
Location:  Davao City
On websites:  Filipino Cupid, Cherry Blossoms, Date in Asia
Report:  Started chatting with Novelyn online last April, after awhile I decided just to communicate with her. After all the I love you messages I got from her and the stories about how hard it was to survive there I started sending her money every month to help her. She had a daughter who was living with her father and she would tell me how bad conditions were and no running water. I went to Davao City in mid August to meet her and we stayed at the Marco Polo for awhile, she worked all day but spent her evenings with me, met her friends and we had a wonderful time. After I left she wanted me to come back and we were talking about marriage, I was crazy about her. She would still talk about how her daughter would get sick and had worms in her teeth, so I said get her out of there. So I paid for her apartment, air-conditioning and all food and expenses so she could quit her job and stay with her daughter till I got there in December. My second visit was in December for Christmas with her and her family. Of course I paid for everything from their trip from the province to Davao city, presents, hotel rooms, dinner out at the Marco Polo. Novelyn was given a nice ring, diamond earrings, lots of really nice presents and many presents for her daughter. I left December 31 and started a Fiance Visa here in the USA and had her assistance with a business there in Davao for all her paperwork and scheduled visits to the embassy in Manila. Everything seemed fine, but she was requesting more money on a regular basis. I hesitated but would send her extra because I loved her and she was my Fiance. On her Facebook in December she used my last name and had all our pictures and was engaged status on there.In early February she removed my name and engaged status without telling me anything, a mutual friend spotted it and let me know. I confronted her with it and she said it was nothing she just wanted to keep things private, I became suspicious. My Filipino friends told me she was hiding me from someone, little did I know that was exactly what was happening. She bought herself a watch and asked me to give her the money to pay for it because she already used a friends credit card to but it. At that time I was sending about 400.00 a month which I can verify with Western Union Receipts and still she wanted more. I googled her name and Naureen, looking for a wonderful guy came up 9 Date in Asia .com ) . I asked her, my God Novelyn why are you on a dating site, we are engaged. She said she was just bored and not communicating with anyony and deleted the profile. In two weeks I started looking and there she was under another name ( Novelicious28 ) But again she said she was not emailing anyone, just looking around because she was bored. Then I caught her in sever lies, because my friend created a profile and emailed her. She not only emailed him back but sent like 20 pictures of herself and was telling him over several emails that she was being courted by sever guys, dating some local guys but had no one special in her life. In the meantime I am thinking she was the girl I am going to marry and have a new daughter. She was telling me how she was waiting in line to get documentation wile she was telling my friend that she was zip lining with her friends. ALL Lies, she just wanted to keep the money coming as long as she could. I finally confronted her when my friend sent me the emails. Then she still said she loved me but please send her 5000 pesos so she could buy milk for her daughter and stuff. At this point I also found out that she went to a pawn shop and sold everything I gave her, this one just wants your money. After I confronted her with everything she changer her phone number and never answered any of my emails. I tried to contact her many many times but no response, she was just gone, disappeared. I hope this letter helps other foreign men to avoid this scammer.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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