Scam report about Mary Konadu

First name:  Mary
Last name:  Konadu
Age:  28
Location:  Kumasi, Central, Ghana
On websites:
Report:  hello dear how are you..? and nice to meet you ? i am also cool dear where are you now ? At home watching TV u? hmm chatting with you and write my note tomorrow teaching What are you teaching? :) ohh i am Local Madam take good care of kid ok i means Orphans ok and you ...? Nice i am from poland i stay with my mum i dont have father i leave alone no kids with me no marry before ok i am 29 of age and i am 5.8feet ok Ok intresting what about you dear...? I'm 29... live a alone no kids.... :) woow but you look like 40ths lol Haha thats funny hahahah tell me little about your hobbies ohhhh i am also like dance,cook,trip.beach,out going,visit and so many things i am not happy dear in my life Why not? hmmm dear i am sorry to tell you that i am alone stay with my mum and i trip to Africa visting Orphans and i have been miss my mum that why i am not happy I can imagine how hard that might be hmm dear my mum is too old that why ok and Africa is too hot Thats true, but I hope you will meet her soon i know that my dear have you seen Gold before ? Gold...? Are you talking about goldbricks? in Africa gold is cheap ok i try to buy some Okay.... dear so you planing to marry Well I havent been thinking about that alot theese days... how about you? hmmm dear about 3years i have a guy and my guy cheat me sleep with my own friend that why i am break up now looking for honest man in my life ok Okay... honesty is the best thing... but how hortible can one dude be dear you have mail....? Yes mines is ok dear are you there..? Yes :) ok dear soo you need partner now and if you get one how you feel..? Well it is always good to have somebody by youre side.... Iwouldnt say no to a partner theese days.... :) hmmm really Yes so you trust ladys..? If they are trustworthy really where is your family..? Yes, dont you trust guys? Well youre ex was horrible At home... i dont trust guys becouse of my guy lol The ex? what ex..? The guy that cheared on you really dear i think you are honest right dear soo tell me little about your work..? Yes I am honest... I will be working nightshifts in hotel this summer and also in tourist infomation center I dint have trust issues :) *don?t ;) really dear hard work is good ok Yes it is :) ok dear soo how much you get end of the month if may ask and how you manage it..? Well it?s decent pay? Why? Dear bot bad way i am asking ok sorry That?s okay don?t worry :) ok dear you have whatsap phone with you ? do you want to call me? yes dear this my number +233542391637 okay... Do you have skype? ok dear you like pizza ? Yes dear no i dont have you know i am in africa ok Yes, but if you have computer then you can have skype as well :) Skype - Free internet calls and online cheap calls to phones and mobiles ok dear i dont have CAM with it ok and i have bad networking that why i am here ok okay ok good have you been USA before ? No, that is on my bucket list :) woow i like to trip to you dear for holidays ok ok Sounds awsome i cant take all that money dear I understand i need Visa and ticket you just support me ok ok dear Ok so when..? Well when will you be finished in africa? dear let make it fast ok so that i trip to you after that i go back to my mum that is better palning ok i think Visa cost about 500dollas you help me 300dollas i add 200dollas to it ok so that i can trip ok That is alot of money.... why dear ? you just help 300dollas so tell me how much you can help But I think this is going a little bit fast dont you think so? Or is that just me? dear if you like ok that not fast ok dear are you there..? yes here I am :) We just stated talking ok dear so why you thinking for this rip dear talk to me now we just need to think this a little bit over oka y' :) Do you got more pictures of you? i like to visit that country that why i am using my money to come ok you just help me 300dollas ok for visa ok yes I get that it costs louds of money to travel dear you just help me 300 dollas tomorrow to get Visa ok dont worry about that ok Can I maybe see more pictures before? before you send me that 300 dollas..? Yes dear you dont trust me...? Yes but I'm curious hmmm dear i am not joke here if you are joking stop ok Im not joking..... we are talking about huge amount of money here i know that dear dont worry when i am coming i try to buy Gold and sell in Ice land we get more profit that why i am serious.... dear you have credit card with you..? Okay so you wont send me youre picture.... if you like i send you dear Thanks :) send me your mail dear..... soo can i send you my details for transfer..? Ok ? ok dear so how much you send me ..? The amount you asked ok dear soo what time you send me the money tomorrow so that i c an cash and go and ask for Visa it take 3days ok tell me the time you send...? I will let you know ok dear can i send you my details..? Yes OK' dear you like western union or money gram...?which one you like Western ok dear NAME: YAW KONADU COUNTRY:GHANA CITY:KUMASI BANK:WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER ZIPCODE;00233 I?m still waiting for the pictures this my details try to copy ok ok wait i am sending ok try to copy my details ok I will let you know dear tell me tomorrow what you give me the MTCN numbers to cash the money..? can I get the pictures first i send you the pics to your mail are you there..? on the phone dear you get my pics ? yes ok dear how you feel my pics You look really pretty.... thanks dear dear what time you send me the money ? Like I said I will let you know hmmm dear noo tell me what time or you dont send it ..? and dont think i am here for joking ok hello you still looking my pics..? is okay just send me the money you see more of me ok Yes ok my love what is the time now ? here is 9:43pm and you..? 21:35 ok dear so tell me what time you give me the MTCN number to cash the money ? talk now dear i am waiting for you that is my problem tell me now are you there..? dear what are you doing there or you are busy with me if you are busy tell me and go to bed dear you anger with me...? I had to write an e-mail... No I?m not angry hmm dear dear you send the money online or you go to bank ..? ????? Then I reported her as a scam on Facebook

Status of report:  is still without proof

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