Scam report about Lilia Petrova

First name:  Lilia
Last name:  Petrova
Age:  32
Location:  Alatyr Russia
On websites:
Report:  She wrote me a surprise mail with very bad English of course, that I'm very interesting man in her life, she can not trust Russian man etc. She ad few pictures in each mail with very sexy looking etc. I recommend to call her or chat live but she complain here in Russia we don't have such a facilities that we got over here, I recommend her to travel to her & we meet live for further knowing each other & she even answer yes or no, she wrote mail to me every day with different chip topic & I even asked her why you not answer my questions but she ignore to answer as well. Finally I received an E-mail she has spoke with a travel agency with web address of: and she want me to contact them to send money for her travel costs, I have wrote her about, how could I do this when I never know who she is & what she doing and where she exactly comes from, I wrote her that I will help her if we could meet either with her expenses which she will get refund from me later or I will go to help her to take her with me to Europe,

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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