Scam report about Andrea Locsin

First name:  Andrea
Last name:  Locsin
Age:  21
Report:  Hi Admin, I would like to make an official report about a scam I was involved in on the 30.4.2014 with a fake Filipino identity by the name of Andrea Locsin from the Phillipines. I get to know her through Tagged. After that she persuaded me to join her on Facebook. I did so. Then she ask to me chat with her through Skype Webcam. Minutes into the conversation, she says, I likes sexchat with you. Is it OK? I say OK. Then we did some sex action over the webcam. Not knowing that she recorded all the action with her secret video recorder. Then she BLACKMAIL ME AND DEMANDED MONEY. I refused to give her any money and she threeaten me and exposed the video on Youtube. That video clip is about 2 mins and 5 seconds. Immediately the next day, i red flag the video to Youtube and they shut it down within 2 mins. Unfortunately she still keep the original copy of the video and she can upload anytime without my notice. I am afraid. Pls help me to catch her and bring the SCAMMER to JUSTICE. Admin, for confidentiality reason, I am not using my real identity to exposed the SCAMMER HERE AS I AM AFRAID SHE WILL KNOW MY ACTUAL NAME. Therefore, I am using an identity whom she can't identify. If you need more information from me, my real identity, i will always assist you in my problem. I hope you understand. I really need to nail this SCAMMER down before she exposed more of the video on YOUTUBE WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE. It is an utmost CRIMINAL ACT. THANK YOU. Kind regards, Keiji.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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