Scam report about joy canlas

First name:  joy
Last name:  canlas
Age:  27
Location:  cube city philipiness
Phone:  +639059339053
On websites:  yahoo.mail
Report:  relation,started and wanted to come to us ,since ion love ,sent money get passport ,she did ,started visa process sent money after time ,i requested to see it sent copy ,but i was not convinced but gave benefit of doubt ,asked for mailing address got one did not look right ,sent a card to see if she would receive ,since it was a birthday card ,she never got it ,claimed post office under repair .so now need plane fare ,and as i stated in beginning to her ,need to open a bank account ,and i will send money with transfer ,only way to know if person is real a bank account ,she could not open one .claimed took too much time,and she need money before window of opportunity closed on visa ,i just stated if you can not open a bank account then you are not real ,never heard from her again ,nor responded to my messages .

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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