Scam report about Margarita Kiyreeva

First name:  Margarita
Last name:  Kiyreeva
Aka:  Anna Paltseva, Yuliya Lukjantchikova
Age:  31
Location:  Megion Russia
Address:  23-15 Sovetskya street
On websites:
Report:  Her letters are so convincing, that even when I found her pictures on a different web site, I still wanted to believe her. I sent her 1,000 dollars to help her with documents. I really was in love with the person she was pretending to be. I really thought I had found an incredible friend. When I confronted her about things she, skirted them in her next emails. She got sloppy, I kept catching her contradict her story. Then she sent me a video! I had my friend who is Russian view it, and the man that was filming her called her by a different name. She told me her name was Yuliya. I don't think she thought about me being able to translate it. She even tried to make me feel guilty for accusing her. It seriously all most worked. She doesn't really care , it's just a game to her, she puts her time into and works hard to get what she wants, but she's not sincere ,yet the beautiful words she writes makes you think she is. She has been at it for a long time and she Is a pro. Don't believe a word she says

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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