First name: Anastasia
Aka: Amy
Age: 28
Location: Russia
On websites: unkown
Report:     -----------------------------I have decided to write to you again. How is your mood? I feel great! :) You know I'am not looking for some adventures, I'am very serious of seeking one to live my further life with. For some people this way of matching is very strange and not worth any commitments. Therefore I'm a very honest and sincere person. I think even if we have a lot of different views on life, it`s normal and very interesting. Because I think Love is the most important thing in this world and I will do everything for love! I think even if you have an expensive car, a modern house or may be two, a big white yacht it will never bring you a happiness if you haven`t a beloved person with whom you can share all this! Do you agree with me? Of course I wish to have a nice house, car and much money for my own needs... It would be great. But I think my happiness is more important and I don`t want to be safer for all my life with man who can give me money but can`t give me love! I don`t need money, I don`t need great house or material things, all I wish is love, happiness and passion with my beloved man who will always support me and understand. You know, I`m looking for a man who will love me the way I'am... Who will understand me from half a word and sometimes from half a thought. I`m ready to give the whole me to my man. He has to be strong and sensitive at the same time. He has to accept all my weaknesses because I`m a woman and I`m the most tender creation which needs him. I do think that you are the same! I hope you are not against of me being so opened with you. And I would like again for you to repeat, I ask you to give me your information again. Concerning your nearest airport, your full address and plus your number phone (home and mobil). For me it, really important! That i could contact you when i will arrive to you. As i should check All! In avoidance of errors. I think you understand me!? I wait your letters. Have good day. Take care. Yours Amy.
Status of report: is still without proof