SCAM REPORT ABOUT  anastasiya savechikowa

First name: anastasiya
Last name: savechikowa
Aka: Mary
Age: 29
Location: Russia
Email: Mary
Report:     I received an e-mail form AKA Mary whom i had forced to reveal herself,she sent me pictures that looked almost credible,,she stated telling me of how much she wanted to come to my country but she spent money on the travelling documents then she needed my help,which fortunately i became suspicious,because i thought if she was coming she would make sure she has enough money to make her journey,i didn't take her story and i asked for her phone number to call her in my lazy time she finally realised that im catching her out then she stopped communicating and refused to give me her number saying her phone has been stolen,she actually phoned me and spoke to me
Status of report: is still without proof