Scam report about Susan Boyle

First name:  Susan
Last name:  Boyle
Aka:  mtf8bear
Age:  ?
Location:  California/ pennslyvania / Missori
Phone:  215- 486-6242
On websites:
Report:  Pretended to be from Albany Western Australia, and was in America on businessto e claomed was being shipped to america from Thailand. pretended to love me and how great our future was. But the bad english and not answering direct questions iknew something was up straight away. Scam was gold arrived but they wonr release it with payment of $10000.00 US, she said she need only need a loan for $4500.00 transefered to Name...Charles M Wootan State... Missouri City... Ozark Zipcode...65721 USA It need to be split into 2 transfers $2000 & $2500 I asked shouldn't it go to Customs & Excise she said this was them... Telephone number 215- 486-6242 I didn't transfer a thing..hihi

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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