Scam report about svetlana biktagirova

First name:  svetlana
Last name:  biktagirova
Age:  39
Location:  russia berezovsky sverdlovsk ekaterinburg
Address:  lenins street 71 apartment11 postal index 623700unknown
Report:  talking every day for over two months,read my emails in detail,she told me she had paid for vesa to uk,but needed plane fair 500pounds,i sent her this,told me she now had vesa and plane tickets,but had to prove she had funds to come to uk,4500pounds 50 pound per day,if i sent this she would repay me on arrival in uk,i have not paid this,the plane fair i payed into a bank account which i have details for .i think if i offerd to pay the 4500,they would pick it up from this bank in russia bank is V.T.B.24 ekaterinburg,i have account details

Status of report:  is still without proof

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