Scam report about Svetlana Kovalenko

First name:  Svetlana
Last name:  Kovalenko
Aka:  Svitlana
Age:  33
Location:  Ukraine Gorlovka, Donetsk
Address:  Ukraine , city: Gorlovka, street Artema ,17
Phone:  +380933274219 and +380665517628
Email: AND
On websites:  was in but now black listed
Report:  I contacted this woman from the dating site and she quickly started sending me emails every single day. She then asked to come and visit me as she said Ukraine is not safe and so on. She then said she has applied for open visa and she has holidays that she can use. Next she wanted 250 Euros that I sent despite my suspicions. Then later she asked for 580 Euros for the ticket and she started sending photos with manipulative and seductive language in the letters. I refused at some point she then became upset and started accusing me that I do not trust her etc. Since I had paid for the visa phase and as she was pushing me with her emails every single day for almost 2 months , eventually I sent this money. Something that I will regret for ever. I even ignored all internet based warnings , western union and dating site warning. She got the money so fast as soon as I sent the collection code. She asked for the name of the airport which I had given to her in previous emails. This did cause some suspicion but I was just lost in her attractive photos and her promising love etc. The next day she said with excitement that she now has got the tickets and how romantic will be when we will meet and how fantastic time we will have together. So I was delighted and this is it I meeting someone that I really like. Next day she sent me email with all darling , sweetheart phrases every other line that there is a problem as agency told her that the embassy has asked for 1000 Euros as solvency money or visa guarantee support, bullshit. At this point the scam scenario started to kick in my head. I refused. She complained and she told me that visa now will be cancelled and she will not be able to see me. I still refused and suggested to get the money from the agency and then we can meet in Kiev. She refused and said she can not come to Kiev and money now is gone as agency does not give it back which is complete bullshit. I phoned her and she said the visa is cancelled and embassy has returned her papers. Despite my repeated request for the name of agency she never gave it to me. I sent few more letter to her asking for my money and there was no replies. Since then I have found out that the money was collected in Lugansk Not in Donetsk where she supposed to live. This is where most Ukraine internet scams originates. My last call was answered by a man which immediately was cut off. I believe this was a professionally orchestrated scam involving a man writing the letters, a woman answering calls in English and keeping me in line with details of the letters ( Although she made few mistakes as asked her about photos which she could not remember, the name of airline which again she did not know and then she accused me of annoying her with these questions) and stolen photos of another model look alike girl. I have copy of her passport which seems to be Geneon and copy of travel booking which seem to be fake. I am now trying hard to get over this but is not easy thinking that I have been manipulated by a crook and corresponded by a male internet criminal.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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