Scam report about Anita Love

First name:  Anita
Last name:  Love
Aka:  Anita Love Love
Age:  don't know for sure
Location:  acura ghana
Phone:  233244870334 1110440605
On websites:  don't know
Report:  I started recieving messages from Anita in Aug 2013, and we started talking daily, She claimed to be a student at a medical school fixing to graduate. she started sending me pictures, and asking for money for this and that, and was persistant. Every time we talked she wanted me to send money. sometimes I did and sometimes I didn't. Anyway a friend of mine said she looked like a porn star Raven Riley. When I confronted her about it. she told me she was raven riley, but was no longer involve in the porn industry. From the second or third letter she had fallen in love with me. We continued to talk, she explained that she was doing great and was successful but her and her agent had a bitter dispute that ended up in court and he won so she just quit the business. Now she lives with her aunt a Miss Ernistina Botswe who owned a little shop. we started discussing the possibilites of her coming here and being my wife. She told me she had a friend who worked at Paridise Travels and tours who will help us. A Mr Elvis Ankhra emailed me and told me he could get the Visa Passport helth record, polices checked and everything including tickets. and quoted the price for each item. It came to a total of $5000 and as each step was completed I sent the money. Well all the documents were ready and she was ready to come here, when all of a sudden, I was told there was a $7000 immagrations fee. I was sent a copy of the letter. However Mr elvis Ankrah informed me that He could take care of that and get it done for $1500. Ok so he started working on that, it was about this time Anita all of a sudden had a little sister, who had been living with another aunt, was having trouble so Anita went and got her. Mr Ankrah said that he could get the little girls documents and everything for an additional $2000, Well I agreed to do it and sent the money. Now it was time for things to happen everything was done and ready! but Now Mr Ankrah said I had to pay for the (workmanship) another $1500,and that the CEO of the Airline got the documents and money for the tickets locked in his safe and will not allow her to even purchase the tickets or any get any of the documents until I have paid the workmanship fees. I have recieved copies of the documents for Anita and the passport was a fake. Well that is kinda up to date. we talk everyday and are still trying to make plans for her being here. Please I don't know what to do. I have nothing to say for sure she is a scammer, and nothing to proove she isn't a scammer. so what can I do. I have 100 pictures of her a few of her Aunt and a few of the little Girl. I have copies of her health check, her police checks and recieps for each. I have a copei of the fake passport and visa. All of our messages. I have all the emails Mr Ankrah has sent me. the name of the CEO of the airlines. Please advise me, I have sent a total of $9000, and they still want $1500 more What can I do? Thank you for your help and anything you can do to help me will be greatly appreciated.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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