Scam report about Leoca Hagar

First name:  Leoca
Last name:  Hagar
Aka:  Sonia Mayers, Josie Millers, Christiana Asebea, Josie Ann Miller, Esther, Priscillaesi Duodu,
Age:  34
Location:  Accra (Ghana)
On websites:, facebook, skype (leoca112)
Report:  I met her on the dating site She lured me over to skype, under the name leoca112, to continue chatting there. We have now been chatting for about 4-5 Days. She claims to be studying, languages among other things, at the univerity to become a journalist. She says she lives in a small apartment that her uncle has lended her. She allso claims that the same uncle are trying to take advantage of that by abusing her sexually. Allready from the beginning she talks about love, devotion, commitment, marriage and the whole package. After a few days she started to talk about stomach pains and that she wished she could go to hospital to check it up. Well I now have become suspicious and didn?t stick around anylonger to let her ask for money. I did some research about her, and foud this site among others. And now when I confronted her with it she just blocked me and disappeared without a word. Things that didnt ad up: * Quite early I notised that her birthdates, and zodiac signs, was not the same on the dating site compared to her skype site. * To be studying language on university level she speaks/writes verry poor english. * She claims not to have a micrphone, together with the webcam, on her computer. And even if she would get one, from me, she wouldn?t know how to use it?? something that almost any kid these days know how to use. * First she was talking about love, how much she wanted to find someone to marry, seroius commited relationship, family etc. but she didn?t even reacted when I told her that I didn?t want any more children. She just

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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