Scam report about Laura Bennet

First name:  Laura
Last name:  Bennet
Age:  30
Location:  Houston Texas
On websites:  Classified
Report:  She emailed me.We emailed for 3 months with about 90 emails.She claims to be a Geologest and collected rocks.Her first emails were nice but then she started to plagiarise other peoples writtings.She claims to be in Benin Africa and starting a mine in search of precious metals.She feel in love with me in 2 weeks and wants to meet.She plagiarises a lot of her emails and is very lazy and will even plagiarise poems that she said that she writes on her own.At about email mail 75 and I thought here it comes, she says that she is short on funds.I asked how much and she said about 18000 USD.I said no problem baby I have money and I love you.She gave me instructions on wiring the funds from Wells Fargo to SADI SOLUTIONS INC.I said no problem my love here it comes.I trashed all of the emails and put a block on her email address.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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