Scam report about Paulina Abediris

First name:  Paulina
Last name:  Abediris
Age:  33
Location:  Ghana
Address:  Accra, 00233
Phone:  +23345803173
On websites: / Philadelphia
Report:  pattykulio: I never touch the check, to the mail box back to the mail box, to pay bills, I ask him how much it was, he said no worries, your still behind, I ask him how much, he said you will only get mad5:23:19 PM stevenh9311: Thats my accountent for ya5:23:51 PM pattykulio: okay Honey But cant they send the money to me through western union5:23:55 PM stevenh9311: He got his masters in business5:24:46 PM stevenh9311: I will give you to him5:25:13 PM pattykulio: okay so let me give you the information so that he send that to me okay 5:26:55 PM pattykulio: Recievers Name : Paulina Abediris Country : Ghana City : Accra Zip code : 002335:27:03 PM pattykulio: Baby that is it pattykulio: Baby pls in the name of God the Money i asked you yesterday are you going to get that for me pattykulio: okay about the Money i asked you yesterday Night 5:15:49 PM stevenh9311: My niece think if she keep asking me to drive the Vet and she just got her License, she will get to drive if she keeps asking, txt her and tell to take the Toyota pattykulio: okay so Baby will you be able to send me 300 Honey stevenh9311: I think I will eat some popcorn and with some red pepper so I can look like thisx-( stevenh9311: I don't buy on the net, don't pay bills on the net, don't use card, never wire, I do my business hand to hand with hand shake, I don't credit cards, I carry cash, I trust you, I trust no electronic cyborg robotic, I hate it because a robot took my father's job am it took us a long time b 4 he found work pattykulio: Never mind i will pay my bills my self okay stevenh9311:they do here like that, welcome to the club baby

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