Scam report about Belinda Ngeh

First name:  Belinda
Last name:  Ngeh
Aka:  Belinda Baby
Age:  26 (20 June 1988)
Location:  Cameroon Douala
Phone:  +23770540155
On websites:
Report:  I saw Belinda's profile on about 3 weeks ago, and contacted her, saying that I liked her photo. Subsequent correspondence contained the usual warning signs (immediately falling in love with me, wanting to meet me as soon as possible) but no immediate request for money. I also telephoned her once, but the line was not very good and she spoke with a strong accent, so after that it was emails only. Two or three weeks later, after she had (supposedly) obtained a new passport in order to visit me, and was (supposedly) preparing to apply for a visa to visit the UK, she told me that this was more expensive than she had expected, that her savings were not, after all, enough to cover the cost, and that she would need my assistance. She sent me a copy of the new passport, along with a receipt for the payment and an indication of the cost of obtaining a medical report to support the visa application, and I sent the money to her - about GBP 300. She then wrote to me to say that she had visited the British Embassy in Cameroon, and gave me a list of things that she would need. The cost of the visa that she quoted was much higher than the cost shown on the UK government website, a few of the requirements seemed strange (e.g a copy of the host's identity card, when we don't have identity cards in the UK), and the visa application form that she sent did not seem genuine. I therefore emailed the British High Commission in Cameroon, asking if the list of requirements, and the application form, were genuine. They have replied, saying that the information supplied to me by Belinda (concerning the requirements for applying for a UK visa) was all false, as was the application form shown to me. I have therefore today discontinued correspondence with Belinda, having sent her only the one payment of about GBP 300.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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