Scam report about Lyudmila Briewskaja

First name:  Lyudmila
Last name:  Briewskaja
Aka:  Luda,Lyudmila,Mila
Age:  7/27/81
Location:  Swatowa Ukraine in Lugansk Region
Email: ,an
On websites:  russianbrides,cherry blossums
Report:  I met this particular woman on a dating site a couple of years ago and she reappeared under a different e-mail address of mine over one year ago!!! She has several different names that she goes by and keeps changing translation company's after I found out she was a professional and smooth talking scammer. She will talk to you nicely when she wants something to benefit her financially and changes her mood when it is necessary to show that she might be more interested in you when doubting her! I have posted every letter that I have kept to improve my position as she is like all the other scammers, push very hard and constantly asking for money to benefit the relationship as she sees it! I was stupid enough to believe in her like many others so please don't think about ever sending money as we all should know but do instead. She uses her speaking ability knowing English by claiming she is part of the foreign exchange program in Lugansk but never attended as later found out by a simple phone call. She will promise you everything that she can give you for as they experience woman looking for love but later I found out after the fact she has been corresponding and scanning for eight years now. Always will bring up the fact that money is needed for her to come to the USA and has numerous stories to make you want to believe that she is sincere enough to take any chance on, over 1.5 years, she had made promises and gave information to make everything sound simple for her not to only visit but to stay forever. Passport, these, and tickets on United airlines were provided for her four times as she is always claiming that she has been victimized to not be able to aboard the plane. These are the four excuses given... (she was ready to aboard plane but was held up by security by bringing a brooch from her country and was jailed for trying to smuggle jewelry outside the country accidentally. #2. Days before her flight and another visa, she contacted hepatitis B and was hospitalized at working at the nail salon. #3. She was headed for the airport in Lugansk and victimize and beaten since the government thought she was fleeing her country even with plane tickets, visa and passport allowing her to fly. #4 claimed that she was in the USA and had to be turned back because someone had her same name and because of her identification, she was not able to arrive to her final destination. All of these excuses after calling the embassy and using a representative show that none of these were true and yet she will always be defense of when you are trying to explain that I would be not willing to spend any more money for another attempt. Her parents are on pensions as she will constantly bring up the fact that her parents would be willing to sell their home for her to fly out of the country for her future but there is one story after another so beware if you are smarter than I wanting to believe! She is that good a lady talker and always has reasons to disappear as she has been hospitalized for times trying to come to the USA and researching it, it never happened after the fact! She has now disappeared because she knows that I will not send any money gram's to her as all money wiring has been seized! She is very proud of her breast implants since they were purchased as she claimed from a old boyfriend that she find on the Internet years ago!!! As one hell of a imagination ass or stories are always interesting if you like fictional stories to make you feel bad for her. It never stops her from asking for money so don't be as stupid as I am don't get involved as you have been warned. Be aware that she might be changing translation agencies again as this seems to be a common activity for her to not be caught. She also used several names so all of the evidence and opportunities spent for her to come to the USA were intentions never to leave her family but to support them in a salons salary doing nails. Don't be surprised that she will stop when she feels you would does not get what she wants but later on will have an excuse to return to you as you did to me pouncing everything because she was desperate to find her special love abroad!!! Don't be fooled!!!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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