Scam report about Linda opoku

First name:  Linda
Last name:  opoku
Aka:  mame.linda
Age:  24 (Birthday Monday, July 24, 1989)
Location:  SOPOT, Poland
Report:  Hi , I'd like to add you as a contact. Linda opoku My dear beloved friend, First introduce about myself; Actually, you and I had never seen before, but I think it takes a day to get to know each other through any medium it comes and maybe a great relationship begins on the same day, although there is a big reason why I added you in Skype in the first place, and wants you and I to be friends and to be part of your family if you will kindly accept me as I am. Further introduction, I'm Linda opoku, I'm from Poland; 25 years old, single never married before; although I am an orphan since I was only four years old, my biological father and mother died in a car accident, after the death of my father and my mother; I was adopted by a responsible and God fear family; who previously worked as a contractor, also buy Gold from Ghana and buy Diamond from Sierra Leone and sell generally to the rest of the world until his death. He deposited this huge amount of $ 15.8 million with a financial institution, before his death on May 27, 2006 along with his beloved wife in Java, Indonesia Earthquake. However, when he made the deposits, he added his wife as his only (Next of kin and maybe excludes me) because I was his adopted daughter. Last week I decided and visited the financial institution and provided the Certificate of Deposit before bearing in the name of my foster father before the managements of the financial institution, but they refused to attend and release the money for me to leave and start a better life outside Africa. So they responded to me and said maybe because I was their adopted daughter that is the only reason why my foster father, their late customer didn?t included my name when he deposited the money so therefore they can never release the money to me unless I provide any member of the family of my adopted father who will be competent to claim and receive the money before they can release and transfer the money through him or her, so I decided this strategy to find the name of my adoptive father relatives through Internet therefore I came across your name, and decide to present you as the family of my late father, who will help to receive the inheritance from the financial institution. I have the deposit certificate here with me I will send to you when I receive your reply of acceptance that you will be willing and ready to help receive the money in your bank account in your country, and then after receiving the money then I will quickly join you in your country and you will invest the money, manage it carefully while I will continue my education there when I come to you please kindly help me quickly because I am suffering so much here without help from anyone. After receiving your reply I will send you the Certificate of Deposit to submit to the financial institution as family member / beneficiary of my foster parent who will receive the money, because, his wife the supposed next of kin also died along with her husband, being a foreigner and from the same country with him that will give you the opportunity to successfully claim and receive the money in your name as a family member of the deceased, but I will be here to provide you with information and guide you until you finally received the money, then I will come and meet with you to start a better life together and continue my education, which is most important to me in life. If you are interested in helping me I want you to be so kind as to provide me with your complete information, such as; your full name, occupation, home address, email address to be contacting you directly for the security and privacy of the inheritance and telephone number for easy communication with you any time. Let me know your mind on this and please do treat this information as top secret as soon as I receive your urgent response and I will send you the certificate of deposit and contact information of the financial institution for you to contact them directly from your side as the family of my late foster father. When you are free; I would like that we chat on webcam together, for you to see me live and I will as well see you live and that will make me believe in you more and have great confidence to trust that you will not betray me when you receive this money in your bank account from next week only if you can apply for the inheritance as from now. I look forward to receiving your reply as soon as possible. God bless you for accepting and helping me. Yours sincerely, Linda.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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