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First name:  Mariya
Age:  29
Location:  kaluga
Address:  voronina
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Report:  Hi Robert! How is Robert now? I'm glad to see the latest pictures. I'm so glad that the e-mail today. I hope we will be good friends, and perhaps even more. For me it was interesting to find out more. not I remember that I wrote my first e-mail or not, but I Russian Federation of the small town of Kaluga. I will write more in my city. This is not a big city, and it is not even a big city to write about Stunningly beautiful architecture and amazing skyline construction as in Moscow or St. Petersburg. I'm not very good the computer, and sometimes it's a lot of work for me to find something on the Internet. I am also a very good writer only by e-mail, print out a few document or play solitaire. I will tell you a little about the work of Robert. I work in the auto salon. Our company is the Russian Lada cars. We have heard that a signal something? I do not think so. Russian people are not so rich that no, the U.S. auto and other famous marks. why we have a very good income. I work as a manager. I work in manufacturing industry Computers and rolled to order some outstanding documents. Hence more free time and a good salary. Soon there will be holidays, and it think you may be on a trip to see some good foreign place. Okkkkk I think it is quite a job. We would not tell Robert myself. Graduated from high school in 2001 and received a master's degree (Higher Education) in 2009. My father left my mom and I when small I was, and was never seen after. Mama told me that he went to a another and he did not know what life is now. I have more contact, but none of them is well ended. And now I think that all Russian men are almost the same. They do not like, and still a woman and run every skirt up high. So I decided to try the My friends and maybe love, halfway around the world, because I'm en tired of loneliness and selfishness of others and to act as if I really I am interested in men. I thought, what you need to change your life! And maybe to work Six of displaying their prices. And at this moment I can then holiday likely to do a six departures prices. Probably the engine Good leaders show as my comp! Who knows what lies in the your life. But now that's enough for the job. And time is not much right now. Aneka ago today, the very saturated ... Okay, I think that's enough will be about you, and I will finish my letter. Please tell me magarol, and the life of Robert? Ismet welcomes you to the other end of the planet! Bye now! A friend, Mariya. Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 17:33: 2. Hello my dear friend Robert! How is your day? What is news? Hree very sunny today. Our company has concluded a couple lucrative contracts and has a very good mood. I do not I'm on vacation the last two years, and has been, I think the days somewhere. Honestly I do not decide where exactly I will be more, but I'm sure that would be wonderful. You have to make the holiday this week, and I feel that I do not like to work, And the number given in the days when it will be. My boss is my ex classmates. O helped me find this job. Very good relationships. We would not know what kind of life where Robert moved? I have never It was not abroad and Iam very much interested to know the life and Robert culture of the country? As you know, the country's former communist system and the kid was not too happy after we collapsed the Soviet Union. As I wrote before reared up alone. when the Perestroika began, the inflation was 10,000 percent. My mother had a lot of the savings, but what about after inflation was 100 times poorer, and Life was difficult. Entire life working in a military factory and there was no money in the new country of timely pay esre, and there is a good salary. So all the people were at our country, only a few family who now oligarchs, and the forbs in the first place. Well, not rola want to bore you ... What kind of food do you like? And what country? which the food I love Japanese food: sushi rolls. I love to cook myself. There ar a lot of Russian national dishes like borsh, pancakes with caviar, okroshka, Solyanka and others. But most of this soup. I do not love it as well to find out what no like Robert? I want to find someone who will always protect me, who does not drink every day, and appreciate the female, as the DC. Many Russian men beat often in women, so always think that they are above it. case the view that the Russian women as a slave, and must obey in any order. I will not agree with, and I hope to find an honest, trustworthy people who are able to share my feelings. Ok dear friends, I closed my letter, and now Looking forward to your letter. Bye now! My friend Maria. Monday, April 28, 2014, 18:06:47: 3. Hi Robert! How are you? What a good time today, and on the street the day! There is a great atmosphere! What mood are you? All is well. I'm so happy to somehow spoke to me. Thanks to the new images I like to receive them. Drago few questions. Do you have any hobbies? Do not go in for sport, Robert? I love swimming and fitness. When I was in my little girl, my mother and I I swam in the lake. It was so that I also drowned. Or maybe I I'm really scared because I was a kid. But at the moment I decided that I will learn to swim, and never water)) So now you really love swimming. This is good for health and helps to get a good number. Ok, I was going to say you in the city. This is a small Russian town. The population at about 327,300 people. The people here are very nice and good. everyone is familiar a mast. There are many entertainment venues. A number of plants and factories, where the People are working. Kaluga in any way address, street Voronina 21-96. I would be very happy to see the city. The city is not very interesting, and there is not much latnivalo. Ok, now you should complete the write because they have to work. I am looking for your early reply, Have a wonderful day! My friend from Russia, Maria. 4. Hello my dear friend Robert! What is the mood of Robert? What's new? All well and has a great atmosphere. Some businessmen who have taxi auto salon business going on today, and he was ordered, 38 auto. this the highest order, as long as I work here, and I can get a good bonus. I look forward to when it will be a holiday and tomorrow we will sing the urgent my boss, and he will ask you to give me a rest period immediately. Or soon will be stuck in my business)) Sooo, you want to please me a lot of luck. By the way, what kind of movies do you like? Who are your favorite color chair? I like to read, what book to have? I liked the film Inception Leonardo DiCaprio. He is one of my favorite color sec. I also I love the vigjatekokat. It was one of the last great comedy remembered the Masnaposok. A few friends came to Vegas to celebrate eskuvo One of my friends was accidentally forgot Teton found. There was a lot of fun when I watched the movie. Have you seen these movies? What do you think about this? As in the book are like a fantasy, and the classic History. But mostly I like to read Russian fantasy. favorite Artist Sergey Tarmashev. Each book in the future of the earth, and is on a par ends. I'm not sure if there is a translation, a Hungarian. Well what else to write for you ... I do not know, but after our acquaintance will You have a very interesting numbers when scanned with my e-mails I always hope that the new letter. This brings up the mood a lot. and When checking e-mails, and do not see a letter that I I am very sad. Ok, I hope to write soon. Bye! the On trusted friend Maria from Russia. Wednesday, May 28, 2014, 14:20:56: 5. Hi my best friend Robert! How are you? What is the mood of Robert? All good here, and we do not share some good news with you. than I wrote, I was talking to my boss for a holiday, and you've got to! At the beginning he wanted to talk to, they like to work in a few days CONTINUE after 30 minutes but the belief that we have explained to him that it is not work anymore, and I'd be angry worker, agreed. A Honey I'm happy now. I did not take a holiday in a long time. If you want to know want to buy double vacation. But I think the later. I got the bonus and salary. It has about 37,000 Rub or $ 1,300. It may be that the country is not big money but trust in Russia it is a very good salary. Have been through all the documents and necessary paperwork for that my colleagues and I now completely free from work. I really want to have a rest today. I'm going to answer Fairs Fairs answer. and Fairs and facilities should be given to a few things. I am glad that I can receive I can rest and relax in our testabol. Continuous voltage is very hard, and I want to be remembered, sometimes it is enough to the work and the daily routine. As always, I'm very single-minded, and I will think about that, as if I were a trip to the area and may to realize your dream. I will attend and watch some brochures today to Find out what country I go. And what documents I have to make a trip. I think that I will be without problems able to learn what is necessary to make the trip to the country! and Maybe we can see a master of reality! Who knows? It would be interesting to displaying with me, and kindly showed latnivalok. Maybe we could spend good time together! I want to go this route it would be me I remembered the rest of your life! Traveling along the border, it's so far from the house and was likely to find you! This nice idea for you again! or else Also, I also want to realize their dreams and to find jobs matching their border and expand the possibilities. But only if en I'll be the cause prices. Can not wait to wait for ever! But the career is not the First place in my life! I want you to know that. Ketsegtelen He really wants to relationships and love. Family and children. As the thoughts of the family often visit the head. and For me every day is the most important question! In particular, they are after, familiar to you! Do you like to travel? In what country was it? Unlikely to be able to advise me? And what do you think, if I could visit the country, Robert? I write to you video. en a little more exciting when you're writing your video. I hope you like it. Well, dear Friends, I have to go now. I'm waiting for the congratulations! My girlfriend Maria. Monday, June 9, 2014, 17:35:30: 6. Hello my dearest friend Robert! How are you today? How is the weather in the city today? Is there any news? There are a few thoughts and love to share that with you. I thought a lot about how to spend their vacations. Yesterday I went to the mall and was kiadvany travel agency. I gave the different options. This is Turkey, Egypt, France, Italy, Spain. This is all very interesting. And I began to understand that it is not necessary in my ass! I look, I will not! I understand that I love you one, I want a meeting with you, Robert! Thoughts meeting with you induced me to do hatar me get started! And what can we learn about the mast, on the right. The meeting was better than the thousands of letters and words, and I think this is the best solution for my ass to spend a holiday. And now is the best time when I have the opportunity to visit the country and meet you. I think it's very romantic, if two individuals who find themselves in a vast web of the Internet separated by thousands and thousands of miles displaying to each other the truth. This is a good opportunity to continue the relationship. I can not imagine that the meeting will be in the world. What can be a supper gyertyafenyes. It shows in the city, there will be thousands of things you can do together in time spent ... It may show some motor show in the city, so that we can talk to human resources department and get information on employment. And all this is possible! I'm sure of it. But look how this idea a reality? If you want me to close to Robert? I kept the brochure of the tour company and I can not wait to visit, what to get the data traveling in your country of the time. I want to know the possibility of employment opportunities clatter I. A friend told me that if I wanted to go to the border and employment, you must have permission for this purpose! Usually, all I want to learn how I can personally entrance to the country as a tourist, or the tools for the job? The publication of the travel company it is written that much experience and paperwork complexity. Tomorrow I go to the travel company. Okay, I do not want to hear your opinion about Robert? I am looking forward to your early reply. Yet only can I talk about it and plan preparation. You have the option of trying to learn everything, and even though I do not know, because I have, but I will ask. Some nights I wish you love Otlet does not allow me to sleep. But we also know that the only information available. Yet that action is not mandatory. Do you agree with Robert? En kiss you! Bye bye! My friend Maria. Sunday, June 15, 2014, 22:49:41: 7. Hello, my beautiful Prince Robert! The days when you do not object, if the call you Prince? Because it reminds me a bit of history when the different worlds, two persons familiar with the mail, and now try to meet. I'm so glad you agreed to meet me. I am going to block out all the documents, and tomorrow go to the travel agency. There is also a good friend of mine. Several times I had a business trip to Moscow, and that helped me booking, train ticket and reasonable price. Having said that, if I understand correctly, you can go to the border, I am also going to deal with, and it helps! Hotel in Moscow sing the high prices, but I'm sure a good choice. My friend is a good experience in this case. Does this sound familiar, since childhood in my garden. Sometimes I visit my parents in the house of childhood's always asking to visit. I do like your parents in your neighborhood. Hence I contacted and he is happy to help me. I think we will need some information. You need to know the closest international airport to you. Likely to need other information, the name and address. Making a tourist visa, because it is the quickest and easiest way to get a visa. Well, I will tell you all the details and news later. I like to talk about something else up. What is your feeling? How do you feel? I'm so excited because this is the first trip abroad. But my heart tells me that I do everything right. I also told my mother en the way to you. She is very happy to see us. My mother always talked about to do to me, as my heart feels. He calls us to be all right. In this way, the new over there? How are you? How do you feel? Among the prince, I'll finish the letter and wait for a response. Csokolom And I miss you! Your reliable girlfriend Maria. Tuesday, June 24, 2014, 1:47:58:

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