Scam report about natasha 

First name:  natasha
Age:  26
Location:  ukraina,pavlovka
Phone:  00380987306367
On websites:
Report:  How are you today ......? I am happy to get your letter again) It means really a lot for me) Your letters became a part of everyday life and it is not possible for me to imagine my life without you. Do you have such feelings towards me? It was a great pleasure for me to get your sms on my mobile, hope that you will also try to call me)))) I was trying to answer your sms but i was told that it was not enough funds on my mobile but of course as soon as i fulfill my mobile, i will write to you back) It was great to know that you want to have kids with me, of course i want to have them also and hope that we will be able to have them in the future. Thanks for telling me how you like to spend your free time and i see that we have much in common and of course i want to tell you that we can spend very funny time together and we will like being together) I can have holidays the same time as you and it will be a great pleasure for me if we can spend them together. I was not planning to go anywhere on my vocation but now when I met you, it seems to me that it can be a wonderful thing to meet each other. I am sure that it will be the development of our relations, so what do you think about this? I don't know what i need for travelling but if you want you can get in touch with the travel agency which is situated in my village and ask if it is possible for us to organize such meeting! The mail address is I am happy that we can share lots of things together as i feel this way we can find out more about each other and it is how we can become closer! By the way what is your attitude to domestic pets? Do you have pets? What is your favorite? As for me, I like animals. I have told you already that we have very big family and also we are all fond of animals. I have attached some pictures for you. As you can see I have a cat, his name is Garfild. Don't you think that it looks like Garfild from the movie? Also we have a rabbit. His name is Funtik! Also we are planning to buy a dog. To have a dog it is my dream from the early childhood) Also i have attached to you some pictures of me and also a pictures with my friends. I will be waiting for your reply, sweet kisses Natasha.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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