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First name:  vera
Age:  31
Location:  ukraina,Mohnatoe
On websites:
Report:  Hi, Gorjan! I am very glad to meet you! I'll start my story about me that my name is Vera, and I'm already 31 years old, and I am very pleased to know that I loved you. With the hope of mutual sympathy, I want to tell you a little more about me and I hope that you will do the same. Unfortunately, my English is far from ideal, but I'm trying to improve in all areas of life, and in this too. First of all, you must write to you that I live in Ukraine in the village Mohnatoe, is located near the city of Lviv. My village is no different from the majority of Ukrainian villages, but it is a picturesque place, and I like it. But you'll probably be interested to know not only that but also my family. My father is a miner by profession and a very dangerous profession, but in rural areas are not very many prestigious and safe operation. My mom works in a small newspaper that publishes news about our village. I am now finishing training at the Medical University in Lviv, and soon I'll be a graduate of veterinary medicine. Now I have to schedule a free university, because I was needed in connection with my work. Yes, I'm not just learning, I'm still working! I'm working, like my mother, too, in the newspaper, but in another village. My mom and dad live in the Lviv region in the village Kozevo. I rarely see them now, because I have to do is not enough time, because I combine both work and study. At the school I go to the city sometimes, but I live in the village Mohnatoe in a hostel. Lviv is very expensive to rent an apartment, so I decided to live in the village, besides, I love nature because I am on my nature is very romantic and dreamy woman. I generally like to lead a healthy and correct way of life, because it's good for my shape, appearance and future children. I do not smoke and hardly drink alcohol (I drink a little red wine or champagne on holidays). I like jogging, belly dancing, and swimming pool. Reading all this and looking at my pictures, you probably wonder why I'm at my age have not found my prince. This does not mean that I am very selective or demanding. I'm the opposite is very simple girl who prefers a quiet family home instead of visiting discos and night club. Maybe I'm too grown for that... Of course I had my man. With one man I met 3 years, and we lived with another in a civil marriage four years, but it was not very serious people, few focused on the family. For me the beauty of the body is not important, important for me the soul of man, and I hope that our souls will love each other too... Bye-bye. Vera.

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