First name: Aleis
Last name: McFord
Age: 36 years old
Location: Nigeria/Ikeja
Phone: 14069627767 you can only text
On websites: one night
Report:     Well she had stolen personal information from me and taking it to a Federal credit union in nigeria also working with someone in america i never would thought someone like that would stoop so low she also had someone put $1500.00 in my paypal and it failed then she had tryed to put $1500.00 and another $500.00 in my paypal and it's processing she claims to me that she was in nigeria on assignment but right now i just believe she is trying to steal as much identy as she can to try to get money from as many guys as possible i no this i was a victim also there is another guy from springfield,mo calling me on the phone his number is 14175010805 i believe this guy got into my credit card and found out how much i had in there also he tryed to raise my credit limit up capital one told me another $1000.00 but it got denined this was getting to be to much on my life. Lies,Stealing and idenity theft i want these people brought to justice because they done it to me they done it to other people and they will keep doing this my geuss is once a theif always a theif.
Status of report: is still without proof