SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Ekaterina Dudinova

First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Dudinova
Aka: Maria
Age: 29--July - 1984
Location: Birsk City in Russia also Kazan Russia 452451
Address: Mirs street148A-3 also Chkalova street 14bB-6
On websites: internet were she can
Report:     she is still talking to me sweet ---- promise everything , but always want money ----She is a BIG CROOK 100 % she talks about --Brooch -- worth $ 30.000 said she was sick in Moscow hospital for 3 weeks , just after Easter--- she said she is Pharmacist , tell others she is dentist, she said she was getting holiday pay(lye) she had sick friends --- making cakes ---making jumper for me --- got brother in police force ---mother + father died in car crash when she was 16 years old mother was doctor. BE CAREFUL with ---BIG DECEIVER----want money !!!!FAKE PASSPORT ---- Many Photo's she send . she good cook ---cut hair for her brother,
Status of report: is still without proof