Scam report about Alina 

First name:  Alina
Age:  28
Location:  Russia, Privolzhsk
On websites:  Ashley Madison
Report:  Hi my lovely!!! I am very glad to read your message. In your messages I feel tenderness. I see, that everything, that you write to me you write with feeling. Therefore I enjoy when I read your letters. Lee, I send you other pictures me. I hope, that my pictures and my message will keep to you good mood long the same as your messages to me. Today I have come from work early and having written to you this letter, I shall cook a supper together with my mum. Often, when I at home, the cook only I. I already spoke you, that I very much like to cook. But today my parents have anniversary of wedding. It is necessary to cook a lot of tasty meal. Without my lovely mum I shall not cope with it. By the way, what food do you prefer Lee ? What name of your favourite dishes. As to me I do not like meat dishes. But I like fish dishes, also I like to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. I like to do of them salads. My favourite fruit is a pear. Lee, whether you know, that women, for whom the pear is favourite fruit less than others are inclined to fool around and marriages with such women are very strong. I have read about it in one interesting book. But I wish to tell to you, that I am not inclined to fool around less than others. I am not inclined to fool around at all. Today I shall cook the hen with rice. My daddy adores this dish, therefore I shall try to please him. I remember one good proverb:

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