Scam report about katy Henderson

First name:  katy
Last name:  Henderson
Aka:  katie..yulia..yulie
Age:  29
Location:  russia.mexico..u.s.a.Brazil. .etc
Address:  have as russia
Phone:  na
On websites:
Report:  She send a pic w..sad heartbreak n NEED a friend.we emailed abt 30 days..she sent sexy pics.which I found odd.n felt it was a scam..then had feelings for me..said was 23. I search. N found info..I told her what I found.she went crazy w.russian letters.insults.I said I wild report her..she threated me n friend.I spammed her..she says speaks 4 languages n was born in juarez MEXICO

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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