Scam report about Anastasiya 

First name:  Anastasiya
Age:  28
Location:  Tomsk, tomskaya Oblast Russia
Address:  Apartment 74 Gogolyn 88
Phone:  7 953 796-8030
Report:  Anastasiya contacted me through my e-mail address, I replyed to everytime she contacted me, and I wrote her a couple of times after that, I was looking up her City and address and this program popped up and one of the pictures on the first page looked like the picture of Anastasiya. In her emails I asked her what she saw in me, be twentyfive years older then her, and she never responded to that and she had some other information like it was scripted, she gave me a phone number but said she can't talk outside of Russia, I tried calling her at different times and the phone would ring but kow answer, the phone number was on your list as one of her alysis was using. I asked her how she got my e-mail address she never responed to that, I told her she looked like she was a model out of a glammer magazine, and told her to send me a picture of her holding a sign up with my name, she couldn't produce a picture like that but she has pictures of her self all over the place, doing different things.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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