SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Evgeniya Lanskikh

First name: Evgeniya
Last name: Lanskikh
Age: 31
Location: Kharkov, Ukraine
Address: str. Askoldovskaya 10, FL 3a , city Kharkov, Ukraine
Phone: +380936274409
Email: always different one
On websites: Anastasia
Report:     Lanskikh Evgeniya Leonidovna. Birth: April 13, 1983 Ukrainian Passport ??628501 Officially married to an African man. Pages on Russian site VK: and This lady works as interpreter for some local marriage agencies. She tries to get along with ladies clients of agencies. Later on she may ask you for money or presents on behalf of your lady but your lady would never know. She takes all benefits for herself. Most of the time she asks for money transactions on her own name. She also steals personal information of ladies clients of marriage agencies and then scan men for money on trips abroad or documents where she also gives her own name instead of name of a lady. She uses Photoshop to change information on visas and passport. I guess due to fact that she is married to African she cooperates with Africans and I guess that's where she learned her scam skills from.
Status of report: is still without proof