Scam report about Remi Gibson

First name:  Remi
Last name:  Gibson
Age:  31
Location:  Plano,Texas
Phone:  832-378-9496
On websites:  Classified Ads
Report:  She contacted me and said that I was handsome and wanted us to mail.We exchanged emails for about two weeks.She sounded real nice and then she started to talk about angels and having the ability to tell me about the future and remote viewing.I said to myself here we go and for a college graduate from the University of Texas she sounds like a real winner.Then she told me that she was depressed because she could not have the stuff that she wanted.She told me that she can tell me about my future and that she knows I go to bed naked.I asked her to tell me a few things about my future and then it came.For a small fee she can do this.I told her how much my dear.She said that she could use 600 to 1000usd and that would help her out.I said no problem my love, where do I send the funds.She gave me a PO Box not in Texas and that after I sent her the money we can meet.I said no problem love here it comes.I immediately trashed her emails and put a block on her email address.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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