Scam report about Andrea Hill

First name:  Andrea
Last name:  Hill
Age:  24
Location:  San Diego, California also claimed was in Manila,Philippines
Address:  808 4th Ave #511, San Diego,CA
Phone:  5059133781
On websites:  Skype, Facebook
Report:  So I meet this person on Fuckbook and she claimed to be in my area. She was interested in meeting me so we chatted a while. I convinced her that what she was doing was wrong, and she believed me a and asked for my help. I sent money the first time, but then I kept sending more because her manager requested it. She told me she could not get out of the apartment she was staying in and I email her manager about if she can get out. Then I sent money for her to have a 1 week vacation but then they had taken her to the Philippines. She claim to have found someone to be able to help her, then she asked for a plane ticket home and her friend would help her. Later on she claims to be home and she claims that she will find a job and help pay the loan that her friend has taken to help her get the plane ticket and pay me back for the money I sent. I knew something wasn't right but I got a lot of information on this person. I feel very stupid but it was a very big lesson I learned. I just wanted to do something nice to someone but now I know that the world is filled with scammers.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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