Scam report about Katie Henderson

First name:  Katie
Last name:  Henderson
Aka:  Julia, Stella dwyer, katie anderson
Age:  29 & 42
Location:  russia butis in MEXICO and in Canada
Phone:  many in my data and contacted
Email:  jeanetterodrigurzgil. .katyhenderson@Yanez. .etc
On websites:  my GOOGLE. rambler..etc.all
Report:  First Stella email me thru AYI site on FACEBOOK. . Asked for help for her son w.heart condition n bday .info didnt make sence but i sent gifts to boys bday. Suckered! 3 wkes later i put ad for companion. . In 15 mns katie send me email..we emAiled for about a month.but as i pushed away n explained. She insisted. Then send me to hangout site.. there her PIMP HUSBAND came on .. also a liar.. i stopped emails with her..she emailed me 50 x's in 2 dayz.. explain who she was.APOLOGIES. . N SAD was in love w. Me. We talked almost everyday n emailed til last month i finally agreed to meet her .she wanted to prove to me she was real and olin LOVE. We met..not the girl in the real gorl behind the SCAM. . Asjeanette Rodriguez Gil. We spent afew hours in hotel intimate. All the while she was paranoid n wld cover her face if n when people looked.. n cars went by..she drove me to hotel and paid for my meal @ APPLEBEES RESTAURANT in JUAREZ MEXICO. .she used credit card so i wouldn't have proof? We continued emails.but b4 i left she asked for a credit card to put $$$ in it for my trip back..driving. . Iti gv her a empty prepaid card. She wasn't HAPPY. .insisted on why? Lol i already knew she was full of it.. when she refused to take a pic with me and promised me one if i would go be with her. That evening by. Hance HER HUSBAND PIMP. again contacts me .acting like he didn't know and wanted info. Now he already attempted to do this approxly 3 x's..she gv me astory..i was going to REPORT him she said not too.please. .she wld handle him..well when i reached out to him he went and told her and she was he wanted to pro ide me more info on katy.manna Jeanette. i asked him..he doesn't reply til this day..yet he knew EVERYTHING we did and where we were!!? Lol she then stopped emails n call i insisted on what was up? Worried abt her..she says needs $400. For her visa to be with i know it i got mad n told HER. I was no FOOL. She hung up..then i cld avain her MOTHER says she is showering..i LM . She clls 2 days later asking for a card again..for a reference i said no way.i said when she is here with me yes..but otherwise since she says shes a ADMINISTRATE R @HOSPITAL W.DOCTRINE. N MAKES $100.000 +a why is her money stuck or held in RUSSIA for past 3 months? Well she then txts me on HANGOUT site that i was crazy n she was afaid of me..told her circle in i told them all the truth. They all told her..she now is furious n text me Thursday nite to STOP emails n mess to her FRIENDS . That i didn't have ENOUGH real info on her n that her FRIENDS WILL believe her not me..and that i was the one to. bLame for the. Relationship ending. I am not a liar n hate being called one.. so i emailed her n friends n said the truth n that i wld report all i knew. One asked me why? I said to ask her.he says its a fake i never gv him he is part of this? Others i can view them typing tk her in her new hangout name in RUSSIAN. They have blocked me to send i researched websites .all of them are in GOOGLE sites and all connected to her n her husband. N relationship n related. I admit i fell fkr HER. .had she just dumped me n said she went back to him..fine..but to say i am a crazy LAIR n am sickening in my LOVE she now is grossed out on LOVE!!? now she put more salt on my wound. I have DEDICATE D everyday since 7/15/14 to report n find all the data i can and learned on LOVE SCAMMERS. itsa big NETWORK. and she has others helping her n attempting to hack my ISP on CELLULAR now n messages to my sister thru Facebook that is connected to GOGGLE. .LOL any one know how to stop her...i can identify her .. and description of her .. e ry inch and size. . She is is a SYBIL..NARSISTIC person.. wo her medication s..i need her stopped before SOMEONE hurts her or she hurts another poor soul. .ANYONE?? she is a poor looking mexican that seems to be part of maybe prostitution n SCAMMER out of poverty nis either brainwashed or just SUPER clever n EVIL? ? I need help tracking her and getting the corperate s behind all these scamms for LOVE. .

Status of report:  is still without proof

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