Scam report about Zhana Kuskova

First name:  Zhana
Last name:  Kuskova
Aka:  Galina??Plyusnina
Age:  undetermined
Location:  Novosibirsk, Russia
Address:  Kavaleriyskaya 9,Novosibirsk, Russia, Apt 15
Report:  Pretty much same as reported on this site - email to my gmail account out of the blue, why didn't you reply, etc. coming to US to go to college. Friend Vika takes pictures, pictures are same as I see when I google Galina pictures. She asked for the same $240 for her Visa; I have been stringing this along for a while and said if I'm going to send money I may not get back I want some nude photos. She said she was embarrassed and offended and wouldn't do that but she still desperately wanted to come see me and take a bath together. She said she sold her coat to pay for the Visa. Then she said she got the Visa and went to Moscow for the flight to my city. I've told her numerous times I am married and we couldn't be together expect to play around once in a while. She keeps replying we can live together. Now she says she went to the airport and the airline ticket is more than she thought and she needs $376 for the ticket. I told her once again to send a nude picture if she wants me to send money. Still on-going...

Status of report:  is still without proof

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