Scam report about Ramona Ilie

First name:  Ramona
Last name:  Ilie
Aka:  Patricia
Age:  28
Location:  Romania, Calara?i and The Netherlands, Rotterdam
Address:  Bulevardul 1 Mai
Phone:  +31 6 84711983 ; +40 (733) 606985
On websites:  no
Report:  Ramona (Patricia) lived in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. End of March she said her father got injured seriously by a car accident. He should be in the Hospital of Calarasi and he has to stay to be nursed until September. She went to Romania to take care of her father. I (stupid) have sent money to help her and her father. She promised to come back to the Netherlands soon however she's now hardly responding anymore. Communication only through whatsapp.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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