First name: Trisha
Last name: Calm
Aka: Marvel
Age: 31
Location: Italy, Pavia, Ghana acra
Phone: 8653211280
On websites: QQ
Report:     Marvel, later Trisha, was initiating the contact. She send a contact request. I have accepted it. The contact was during two days. I noticed a lot of strange things, so all bell got ringing. First she told me she was girl who was raised and born until her teens, then she was moved to Australia, for a nurse education she was going to her aunty in Ghana Accra. When I aske her if she can speak Italian she told me that she forget how to do it. When I asked her to make a selfy she told me she no camera on her phone. But she would do it the other day. I placed a pict. of a bridge in Pavia and told her it was a bridge in Amsterdam, she only told me that it was nice. So I search on the Internet and found her pict . During the contact she told me that she was not after my money. This morning I confront her with the things I found out. Then the contact stop. Still she's active and not have deleted me.
Status of report: is still without proof