Scam report about Rhaiza dela Cruz

First name:  Rhaiza
Last name:  dela Cruz
Aka:  Riza
Age:  34
Location:  Shenzen,Guangdong,China
Address:  block C 502, Kendaji,Dongdaji,Buji,Longgang Shenzen .China
Phone:  008613650404702
On websites:  Filipino Cupid
Report:  I met this person in an on line dating site ,she told me that she was a nurse and worked in a hospital in Shenzen.China,we bacame friends ,then lovers just like the others,her contract and visa in China expired May 28 2014 and decided to reach me here in Italy. I gave her some amount to be paid as soon as she arrive here.she was given visa but was not able to come here for the reason that does'nt convinced me.Anyway she told me that i would have my money back and that there was nothing to worry about.she was on her way to the bank to send me back the money when she got caught by the police and was put to jail for over staying and needed another amount for the penalty so she could get out of jail.This was the version of her boardmate Catherine Remigio Cudia alias ROSE using e mail, which i think her collaborator and was with her that moment.Since that day i had no more communication with Rhaiza ,receive somenews only from her friend and boardmate Rose.I wanted to talk to Rhaiza but there was no way to get in touch with her so i decided to trust Rose and sent her the amount To bail Rhaiza out but still no news from Rhaiza and even from Rose but received a message from her (Rose)that she was in Germany.i started searching for them ,i called the phil. embassy in guangzhou and informed them about the matter and they told me that i was a victim of these scammers. I was so angry but theres nothing more to do until one day i received a message from Rhaiza ,that she was in Macao waiting for her visa and will go back to China as soon as she gets it and that she would send my money back, but i waited for weeks and nothing happened. i still send messages to her e mail and received another reply from her that she was in the Phil and she gave an adress and to send my son there to meet her maybe for the money and maybe to prove that she is not a scammer , but the adress she gave me does'nt exist.i dont know what will happen tomorrow ,thats why i decided to send this story to you , i want to stop these persons ,but alone i cant do it but with your help maybe yes . my story is too long and i tried my best to shortened it so please have patience and please let me have some advice from you. is there something i must do?

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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