Scam report about Veronika Verbiy

First name:  Veronika
Last name:  Verbiy
Aka:  Vera Murachenko
Age:  37
Location:  Odessa Ukraine
On websites: and
Report:  I saw her profile on a dating site about 10 years ago - can't remember which one although I have searched for it. She replied and we started communicating through the dating website The lady who ran the dating website Irina Galayeva soon contacted me to let me know I would have to pay for Vera's translation etc if I wished to continue communicating, which I did. I sent them money by paypal, and this is how I know Irina's name and also Vera's (Veronika's) surname. It was a real scam, which I soon found out when I went to Odessa to visit her. Irina picked me up from the airport in a late model vehicle,Toyota Landcruiser or similar (worth a small fortune by Ukraine income standards). After taking Vera and her girlfriend who was the interpreter out to the most expensive restaurants etc for the first couple of days, I told the interpreter I wanted to go out just with Vera. We went out to dinner, she spoke broken English, and she was a lot better when on her own. Liars should have good memories though, she had previously told me she didn't have a car but she always turned up in a late model car, far better than the average local drove. I think from memory she said it was her fathers. She also said she didn't have a boyfriend, but she was always on the phone to someone, every now and again... and I got the impression it was her boyfriend, keeping an eye on her and maybe wondering how she was doing (with the new 'target'). Anyway, on about the 3rd day I told her 'see ya later'! I have some photos - I will try and find out where to send them to you, also I have some Western Union receipts if these are helpful.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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