First name: Rebeca
Last name: Barden
Aka: Rebeca Janet Brown
Age: 34
Location: Las Vegas NV, Sheridan wy, Nashville TN
Phone: 702-361-7832
On websites: facebook
Report:     I have talked to this person for about 15 months and she spoke of love and marriage. They said they was in a bad auto accident and had head trauma and lost their hearing. They said they lived with their mother and she had lung cancer. They said they were struggling with medical bills. They said they had lost their ID in the accident. When I asked to meet her she wanted me to send air fare to her uncle Danielle Barnett or her aunt Bernilda Gregory in Las Vegas. When I told her she could not fly without an ID she sent me a copy of a fake passport. She also messaged me from an facebook account of Kathryn Barnett because facebook had suspened her account. She finally admitted she was fake and told me her name was Rebeca Janet Brown.
Status of report: is still without proof