First name: Michelle
Last name: Zimin
Age: 28
Location: Kanash Russia
Address: 32 Frunze
On websites:
Report:     Contacted on my G-mail. She has disclosed (whether true or not) her full address which is below: Michelle Zimin Chuvashiya District 32 Frunze 428027 She has also shown me multiple pictures of herself (more than 10) and pictures of where she lives (ie...her house, dining area, bedroom, ect.) I don't know if she is a scammer, but please check her out. She claims that her father has a friend that makes good money as a scientist and is in the Amazon traveling. She provided me with address of where she went to get her visa in Moscow, and she claims her father's friend is supposed to provide her the money to come here. She did disclose what airport she would leave out of closest to her home and what carrier she would use and asked me where she would be flying to (my airport) here in the U. S. Once again, I don't know if she is a scammer or not, but she claims that their is a slight problem as her father's friend cannot access money while traveling so deep in the Amazon (almost 250 miles) from where he is at to the nearest city with a bank. She has just recently asked for some of the money (not all) that would be required to travel here. PLEASE CHECK OUT AND SEE IF SHE IS WHO SHE SAYS THAT SHE IS AND EMAIL ME AT I will not proceed anything with her until I know the truth about her
Status of report: is still without proof