Scam report about Rhaiza dela Cruz

First name:  Rhaiza
Last name:  dela Cruz
Aka:  Riza
Age:  34
Location:  Shenzen,Guangdong,China
Address:  block C 502, Kendaji,Dongdaji,Buji,Longgang Shenzen .China
Phone:  00861365040702
On websites:  Filipino Cupid, and maybe New Dating site .com
Report:  to all dating site members specially men, please be careful ,this is a very clever person ,she will make you beleive that she is a nurse working in a hospital in China, she takes care of babies and she will even make you hear a voice of a crying baby when you talk with her on the phone but that baby is the son of her chinese board mate,she will make you believe that she is falling in love with you and willing to reach you wherever you are,then that her working contract and visa will expire ,that she has to leave the country and will try to get visa to be able to be with you forever,then that she has the visa but her show money is not enough.that is what she did to me ,so i sent her the sum she needed for the reason that i trusted her because we came from the same country ,we have the same nationality and being a nurse , her with me would be a great help for the wife of my employer who suffers from certain illness maybe bacause of her age, over 80 ,but i waited for nothing ,she had so many reasons that she won't be able to make it coming here where i am right now ,that ihad to wait a little, after that she disappeared, then entered in scene a friend who collaborates with her,Catherine Remigio Cudia, alias Rose and her e mail is me message that Rhaiza is in jail for over staying and needed another amount for the penalty ,again i sent another sum and after that they both disappeared ,few weeks later received a message from Rhaiza that she'out of jail ,that there is nothing for me to worry about and i will have my money back,that she never fool people and that she is not a scammer and had a golden buddah with her but with out documents so the chinese authority blocked her from leaving the country. the amount of the buddah when sold would reached 300,000 dollars like mininum, she would agree to that amount she told me so i could have my money back but nothing, then another message from her that she was in our country and wanted me to send my son to meet her in the adress she gave me and to prove that she never scammed me ,i did not send anybody and the adress she gave me dos'nt exist.since then never heard from her any more ,i think this time she will disappear for good

Status of report:  is still without proof

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