Scam report about Jane Eden

First name:  Jane
Last name:  Eden
Aka:  Janeth
Age:  28?
Location:  Ghana Accra! city not positive
Phone:  +233545436759
On websites:  Mamba.Ru and the Mamba App ( I used )
Report:  I found in part way in but I've been taken by others and I think I might have another one for you soon as I started revenge to find them but some know too much about me including home address! This one turns out to be a man on the street and gets a free meal for doing it as I my email prior I said I was going to kill myself if it didn't work out and he yes it turned out to be a he did a Full confession in an email and even gave me a cell phone number to contact him to help him. If you want the email I have it and they operate on Skype under Jane.eden7 and on Mamba App from Google Play Store the name on the site is Janeth or Jane eden and is 28 on the profile and I have pictures in my tablet that were email to me along with confession letter and its long and I think you need to read it! Contact me John Coward and my email. Is and I can send you the confession email and the pics I have and I can go get the profile pic from Mamba as it looks different as I'll do that right away. Contact me and the data is all yours and I'm on the trail of another. But for Jane I'll check the IP number and have that for you to! I will get as much as I can! Why am I doing this, I've been scammed three times for over $7,000 but at that time I was not thinking straight even this time I screwed up and my sister screwed me with the next as she has my home address here in Canada!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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