Scam report about Salihu Mahmoud

First name:  Salihu
Last name:  Mahmoud
Age:  34-36
Location:  Ghana
Address:  123 Nima highway.
On websites:  OkCupid,,,
Report:  The person will contact you telling you she's interested, and send you a few pictures of herself but it looked nothing like the one she posted on the dating website in my case occupied, but I do believe the picture she sent were of her, why because she sent three photos I did a search on face book with the name she used Salihu Mahmud and found 1 matched. The one profile match on her FB profile matched the 3 sent via email asking me for my photos too. After we got chatting on OKC she asked for me to open a yahoo email account so we can I?m each other getting of OKC. And as we chatted I then noticed she hand delete her account on OKC telling me that she found what she?s looking for me?as we Continues the conversation via my new Yahoo account and tells me the things l like to hear and that she's looking for long-term relationship, and wants to find a good man to treat her like a queen giving her all his love and affection and Telling you she wants to be spoiled and pampered, saying she will treat me like her King giving me all the same love and affection in return. After a few days it went into marriage and then asking if I?d like to be together and she would love that telling me she would love living with me and even marry me. As the conversation became heavier is when she started asking me if I?ll help her in coming to America, so I asked her how and she told me with the passport, visa and flight, when I asked are you asking me for money she said,, hell no I'm not that kind of girl, I just need help with only what I asked and you'll get all receipts she said,,, trust me,,, yeah ok, so right then I know it was a scam and so I played along. I then questioning her on exactly what she needed me to help her with and the total cost an so she said she would find out but in the meantime she asked if I can help her with $100 for food, so I side ok as she asked to send it by money-gram so I said ok just to get her information to post on this scam site. For fun I decided to send her a bogus number as she tried to get the money she couldn?t as I then saw her true colors when she asked me,,,, What is the meaning of this do you take me for a fool she wrote,,, ha ha ha jocks on her! I wrote back and told her I?m so sorry I gave you the wrong number, and as her frustrations continue growing I told her if she wanted the hundred then to trust it?s you send me some naked pictures of yourself on your bed playing with her box holding a note saying she would love to marry me, and told me, she tried before to send me a photo of her not nude telling me the same thing and did, but of the photo she posted on okc an American girl hold to boob implants and she photo edited on one of the boobs I would love to marry you, but the photo wasn?t her lmfao,,, so with the nude photos I asked for I told her this time of you not like what you sent to me before, what did you thing I?m a fool too I told her? Well she wrote me back saying I don?t like what you?re asking me for how can I trust you and as I know the play was coming to an end knowing she?s a scam I told her I know all along and played her back and never heard from her again!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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