Scam report about Olga 

First name:  Olga
Age:  33
Location:  Shumikha Russia
On websites:
Report:  Never answers direct questions, just goes on and on about how great I am and how glad she is to have met me. I did a trace of her emails and it came back to an office in London, which I can't identify on Google Street View. Claims to send emails from public library in the evenings, but when I receive the messages, given the timezone difference between here and her claimed location (+13 hours), it would be close to midnight; I doubt any public library is open at that hour, even in Russia. However, it would translate into early evening in London. Her letters have hard line-breaks, like they were typed into a text editor and then pasted into her Yahoo mail account, and the broken English reads like it was translated using something like Google Translate. Too many things just don't add up.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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