Scam report about MELINDA RUBECAS

First name:  MELINDA
Last name:  RUBECAS
Age:  39 - 45
On websites:  meet me
Report:  Melinda contacted me on this site. After a week she confessed her love to me and wanted me to go top the philippines to marry her. She says that she is working in Saudia Arabia as a housemaid. She said she can organise wedding rings for $US 140.00 ea tjhe wedding and accessories around $US 1200.00 and hotel to cost around #US50.00 per day for a two week stay. She has made a request for some of this money but I have told her that I will have to save up to get it. A search by me on GOOGLE turned up Melinda as a scammer on facebook involving the selling of jewellry. It states she is a scammer and to beware.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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