First name: Cheryl
Last name: Guscott
Aka: Whitney Westgate
Age: 33
Location: US Colorado
Phone: 1 (708) 469-6286unknown
On websites: She acts on her on, but Whitney Westgate works on
Report:     Claims her name is Cheryl Guscott, but uses Whitney Westgate's photos. Whitney is Porn Star at She also says she is in love with me. She also claims to have quit the Porn Star stage and has asked me twice to send her money to come to me in South Carolina and like a fool I have sent her money to come to me. I have spent over $2,500.00 on her, This latest time was August 18th and I sent her $500.00 to come to me, but she always has a problem and never makes the trip. I am threw with her now! I just don't someone else to feel stupid like I do now, so be weary of a pretty girl of 33, 5'7
Status of report: is still without proof