Scam report about Joyce Omoano

First name:  Joyce
Last name:  Omoano
Age:  31
Location:  Ghana Kumasi
Address:  KT 135/8 Kumasi, Tafo, Ghana
Phone:  +233-505-711-9000
On websites:
Report:  This scammer contacted me by message on telling me she was looking for an older man because of a past relationship with younger male. We exchanged emails and it went from there. We were in contact for nearly 4 months and all she ever asked for was money for pasport, visa, police report, medical report and finally ther air ticket. Like a fool I sent it totalling neary ?1500. Yes I know I should have been cautious but I was smitten. There's nothing like and old lonely fool. Ive learnt my lesson. The thing that raised my suspicions was when she sent me what I believed to be genuine flight details but said she had a letter from Ghanaian Immigration saying she needed at least ?5000 which she needed to show at the airport before they would let her fly. This was to ensure she could look after herself when she got to the UK. You get the picture. She sent a copy of the letter which looked geniune. I told her I couldn't get that sort of money. She then started pestering mesaying she and her mum had been to the bank and all I need to send was ?2000 . I've confirmed various legitimate means the person isn't who she says she is and is completely false.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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