Scam report about Joyce Sue Father, a farmer Mr. Jones and mother, Helen, a te

First name:  Joyce Sue
Last name:  Father, a farmer Mr. Jones and mother, Helen, a te
Age:  32 sometimes 31
Location:  Florida, Miami, Buffalo, Finland and South Africa
On websites:  Zorpia, a dating site, Facebook but not active now.
Report:  Joyce Sue initiated the contact, sent to my Yahoo! Mail by Zorpia, a dating site. We had exchanging correspondence for at least 2 weeks. I noticed some inaccurate data like age and Zodiac Sign and places she lives in. She is not answering my valid questions and it seems her letters are repeating. The money has not yet been initiated because I had some doubts. Finally, she said last 3 days via SMS Text that she is falling in love with me...missing me...and she will marry me. She also telling that she and her daughter Ashley will come in my country to be with me. Next time you know, she will ask you ticket or visa fees for some scripted reasons.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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