First name: Grace
Last name: Adei Kotey
Aka: Partios Ford, Grace Ford
Age: 32
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: P.O.Box Sw 933. Ag.Swedru
Phone: 233-547202236
Email: Grace_Ford / fordpartios @ / grace.ford95 @Skype. / Grace ford at WhatsApp .
On websites: Unkown
Report:     I had meet her before and was scammed by her but I let her mum talk me back saying that everything was a mistake , She use The Lord an God a lot she said that she and her mum was members of the International Central Gospel Church , The Bishop name was Abraham Yankson , the Church was going to pay for her ticket but they was not able to pay all of it so I paid the rest of it . It turn out to be another scam ,The Bishop phone number is 223-204029553 I sent him money on Friday ., I was to pay back the Church the money they used to send her . I went to the Midland Airport to pick her up but I got a call from the Bishop that the money I sent by Money Gram was stolen so she was taking to the mission until I can send the money again. I am sending more pictures that she sent me.
Status of report: is still without proof